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Interview With Candice Cameron

Growing up with a heavy artistic influence from a young age, Candice Cameron has progressively formed a distinct and intriguing artistic sensibility, combining her background in graphic design and illustration to produce detailed, and intriguing artworks.

We caught up with Candice, to gain further insight into her fascinating background, inspiration and how she typically unwinds from a busy day.

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On Thursday night we (literally!) rolled out the red carpet for a buzzing crowd of art lovers, advertising heavyweights, and everyone in between to celebrate our newest exhibition at VANDAL Gallery! After the launch of our first permanent, physical gallery space last month we were very excited to welcome Sydney-based artist Alun Rhys Jones presenting his new exhibition, entitled ICON.

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'The Australian Art Curator Blog' - Getting Your Collection Started With A Prescription

As I‘ve mentioned before, one of the questions most frequently asked to me is, “What is your advice to people wanting to start their own art collection?”. And my advice is always follow your instincts, choose something you love, and more practically, set a budget.

If you’re nervous about starting, the first thing to remember is that anyone can start an art collection if they know where to look.

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'The Australian Art Curator Blog' - How To Be An Art Consultant

One of the more interesting facets of Art Pharmacy is our consulting side of the business, which has really taken off in the last twelve months, with a wide range of clients looking to invest in art for the home, office and public spaces. It’s so pleasing for me to be able to help people find works they can enjoy, and obviously I’m a huge proponent of people buying and commissioning artworks!

Mural commissioned for Step Change's office in Sydney

Mural commissioned for Step Change's office in Sydney

I see art consultancy as a way of connecting people with creatives and help them define their taste, I work with so many fantastic artists across a variety of styles and it’s great to help people navigate their way through the process of acquiring a piece.

But it isn’t as simple as it sounds, and there are some key differences with the range of clients we have at Art Pharmacy - this year alone we have seen large-scale installations in the iconic Queen Victoria Building, and Broadway Shopping Centre that have both utilised local artists to help with their celebration of the Chinese New Year. These are definitely on the larger scale of works that I have been involved in, my private clients will generally start off with a smaller piece!

Elyssa Sykes-Smith constructed a piece of public art in Broadway Shopping Centre to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Elyssa Sykes-Smith constructed a piece of public art in Broadway Shopping Centre to celebrate Chinese New Year.

One of the key factors that will often determine the type of work that is desired is the space you are looking to fill. With a wall it will generally be something two-dimensional that is hung, but if the space is more vast we have more flexibility to look at sculptures as well.

Like all consultants, clear communication is critical to success - you must find out the basic information to start the ball rolling - what their budget is, what the space is, and most importantly, what they’re looking for - I’ve got so many fantastic artists but the key to happiness for everyone is finding a great match in terms of style and also expectations.

A bespoke mural for a games room in a private home.

A bespoke mural for a games room in a private home.

For some of the larger projects I apply for - with councils or large companies - there is a key focus on community outcomes and ensuring that there a broader objective that is fulfilled so they’re able to provide quite detailed briefs that we work towards. With private clients it can often take a bit more teasing out to reach a consensus on what they would like to achieve.

I’ve met some amazing people who have come to me through Art Pharmacy, and one of the really great things is that they get to know the artists we have and will continue to come back and buy their pieces and follow their work.

We collaborated with Reso & Co, artist Jeff McCann and designer Maker Maker Creative to create a 4-metre high rooster for the QVB.

We collaborated with Reso & Co, artist Jeff McCann and designer Maker Maker Creative to create a 4-metre high rooster for the QVB.

It’s always a challenge for me not to impose my taste on my client - sometimes I’ve got a very clear idea of what I think would be appropriate (or fabulous!), but it’s important for the client to be sure of their vision so they will be happy with the end result. Because ultimately I’m here to help people find something beautiful that they can enjoy in their home for many years to come.

Learn more about Art Pharmacy Consulting here

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Interview With Sarah Beetson

I would say film is the greatest continual influence on my work. Particularly the films of John Waters have had a profound affect on my aesthetic, in that they have really encouraged me to find my own artistic voice and not be constrained or afraid to censor myself in any way. The 1993 classic True Romance has been very influential on me — I even named my Camden Market clothing label ‘Clarence & Alabama’ after the lead characters, back in 2003 (I started out illustrating and selling my art on tshirts).

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Interview With Shellie Cleaver

Shellie Cleaver paints intimate still life portraits, echoing ideas from Giorgio Morandi with the delicate simplicity of the unremarkable still life objects she chooses to feature. Her humble design aesthetic speaks of quiet contemplations and perceptions. The depths of Shellie’s works are unavoidably attractive; her dark palette lending the viewer through an ethereal conduit towards a viscerally divergent domestic space.

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Interview With Kristine Ballard

"I wasn’t really exposed to any ‘visual artists’ growing up but I loved drawing and looking at paintings in books and I loved colourful things. My mother was always sewing and doing some craft project and my father was a carpenter. He took up wood-turning in his senior years and made beautiful bowls and pens from Australian timber."...