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I was luckily enough to be invited to take part in the 7th ‘Women in Focus’ Conference in Noosa - ‘Big Thinkers and Change Makers’ - in August.  180 amazing women from all over Australia were brought together to discuss many aspects of life from leadership, technology, passion, purpose and change. 

We danced in the rain, drank under the stars and we all cried when I learnt of mishaps in business and personal life.  I met strong women who wrote books on architecture; learnt about Agriculture in rural towns in WA; franchising businesses, through to women who have gone through cancer and are now successfully inspiring others.

As a small time entrepreneur this conference really helped me focus on my direction and purpose in life, that is to promote Australian artists to the wider public. They need a voice and I am that voice. Since starting Art Pharmacy 4 years ago, we have gone from strength to strength, and now reaching artists in remote areas of Australia.

I mentor many budding artists who are all at different stages in their lives. I have to say, this conference was definitely a highlight of my already busy year of truly amazing projects - Mirvac (Broadway), Optus (Yarn Bombing) and Deloitte (Playing With Perspectives). This conference made me reflect on what is important in life. Raising my two beautiful children (Scarlett 4 & Hugo 2) and running a business isn't an easy feat! The conference had an electrifying energy and I learnt so much and made some amazing new friends.

One thing I really took away from this conference is at some point in life, we all go through hardships, and it doesn't matter how successful or perfect your life is. This conference reflected on that and how well 'we walk through fire'.

I'd like to thank the team who put together the conference, and for inviting me along! They did an amazing job.