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Inside a Zine-y Mind: Akisiew Talks The Other World Zine Fair 2017

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Muralist, illustrator, animator and narrator, Akisiew (AKA Kim Siew) is a rising Sydney artist who creates works that aim to 'tell stories'. Exhibiting her work on and off the streets since 2010, Akisiew has immersed herself in both curatorial and art making work. This week she is taking part in Other Worlds Zine Fair 2017...

Most surprising scene in a zine you’ve found?
The definition of a fart explained with a shadowed cartoon figure, detailed intestinal organs and a cloud escaping from the figure's anus. It was perfect and perfectly funny.

Why are zines fun/interesting/obsessive to create?
Because you can create them about anything and in any way or form that you want. Usually the whole process of putting them together is the most fun. They allow you a chance to express yourself, experiment and to get those thoughts out of your head and to make with those thoughts instead.

Best collage-on-zine discovery?
I haven't gone too crazy with the types of materials I use for my collages. I always like the simple things - like masking tape and string. Those with the added magic of a photocopier I will never tire of.

What is your The Other Zine Fair zine about?
I have a few zines for The Other Zine Fair, my favourite is called 'Memory Box for The Time Being', which has its own soundtrack created by a friend of mine Emma Davis, who is a musician. It's about the way we push our memories away sometimes, but how those memories come back into our lives both in haunting and wonderful ways.

Why is your naive imagery for adult & kid zine-sters alike?
The images I create are quite childlike and innocent, and my subject matter is all about self and personal journeys. It isn't angsty or political, but it can be quite emotional. I have subject matter that ranges from topics about grief and anxiety to issues on climate change, but it's mostly visual and I try to keep it poetic and gentle. And it somehow always ends up looking cute.

Interested in buying Akisiew’s work? See more here