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VANDAL Gallery: ‘Somewhere Between’ Launch

Written by Kelsey Neumann

Thursday night saw the opening of ‘Somewhere Between’ at VANDAL Gallery. Presented in collaboration with Art Pharmacy, the show is the first group exhibition in the space; a collection from Joi Murugavell, Ariella Friend and Marnie Ross. The works connected effortlessly while still retaining individual styles that portray their experiences of the world around them.

Joi Murugavell’s paintings are a whimsical experience of bold colours and quirky characters.  All her works are annotated with parts of dialogue and inverted sayings that combine to show, “rare moments when I see things as they are” (Joi). An interactive performance piece set the mood for the event as Joi enthusiastically invited people to sit across from her and engage in conversation in ‘Ask me Anything’.

The works from Ariella Friend inject further variety to the show. Through her architectural installations of recycled wood, Ariella has combined the natural, through her materials, and the effects of society. Hanging low from the ceiling is ‘Playful’, 2017, with striped blocks of bright colours that catch the eye as the wooden planks splay out.   

Marnie Ross’ works highlight small moments in nature, particularly interactions of shadows and shapes. Marnie describes her works as, “abstract compositions layered with vividly coloured organic shapes” which, when clustered together, create a generous appreciation of small moments.

Well done to the artists, and thank you to those who supported them through purchasing works! They will be displayed at Vandal Gallery, 16-30 Vine Street, Redfern until the beginning of August.

In the meantime, keep an eye out for our next exhibition…

The remaining works for sale can be found herehere and here.