Our Contributors

Madeleine Lesjak-Atton

Madeleine is an art-lover-art-creator, who also loves disco. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Sculpture, Performance and Installation and Philosophy. With a particular interest in works that explore light and space innovatively, Madeleine also looks to architecture as filter through which to view art.

Kate Bettes

Kate is an English/Australian arts student who doesn’t like to stop exploring ideas. Working as a writer at a creative consultancy, she appears to spend all her time off in a frantic frenzy of collecting moments to be remembered. With particular interest in the intricacy of art animation, she aims to combine her love of art with her love of writing.

Joey Bio Pic AP.jpg

Joey Hespe

Joey is an art theory graduate who was led to writing through her inherent desire to dissect and interpret stories and histories through the use of language. A Romanticist at heart, she accumulates experiences and memories to put in to her storytelling and poetry. She is passionate about the arts and hopes her writing will inspire readers to understand and appreciate art as she does.