Jackson Farley

Jackson Farley is a Sydney based emerging artist creating unique and striking images across a range of disciplines. He has excelled in both local, national and international art competitions and prizes. In 2012, Farley won the Waverley Art Prize’s inaugural Street Art Prize and has been a 3-time Australian & World Stencil Art Prize finalist.

Farley creates figurative, arresting images where reality intermingles with the divine. With a particular focus on spirituality and renewal, he explores the connection between ancient and popular cultures. His artworks juxtapose old-world photorealistic elements appropriated with cartoon characteristics and bold pops of colour. Underpinning his works is a symbolic marriage of the new with the old and a deep discovery of the divine and profane. Most recently his work has focused on the re-contextualisation of religious and pop iconography and the develpopment of an idiosyncratic approach to pop imagery.

He is currently completing a Bachelor of Visual Arts at Sydney Universities, Sydney College of the Arts (SCA).