Joi Murugavell

Joi Murugavell is a Sydney based artist whose works are big, bold, and full of character. A graphic designer by trade, she now works on her artworks full time. ‘So much has felt like procrastination until I started drawing and painting six years ago,’ she says,‘It feels like I never started or stopped creating art.’

Inspired by ‘confusion and curiosity’, her process is intuitive with works being completed spontaneously and without prior planning. She works from her home studio, listening to documentaries and talks, especially by artists.

The materials Joi works with change frequently but she currently enjoys working on paper and wood. ‘At the moment I like working on wood and paper,’ she says, ‘I like the sounds and scratches these materials make and how you can easily smudge everything if not careful.’

‘I would like to work on a pot with Grayson Perry,’ she says, when asked about what her dream collaborative project would be. ‘I have no idea what it will be about but I would very much like being in his company while we make something,’ she adds.