Julia Kennedy-Bell

Julia Kennedy-Bell focuses on the exploration of abstractionism as a vehicle to relate the universal and personal experience. Having always enjoyed painting and drawing  since a very young age, her study in abstraction, colour theory and formal approaches to painting blossomed when she started a Bachelor of Fine Arts at UNSW College of Fine Arts in 2005. Since finishing her degree; she has experimented with colour, scale and painting mediums to develop her current body of work that explores the relationship between object and space.

Julia’s work reflects a personal vernacular; distinguished by a set of differential marks, values and colours. Her individual language is one sought and perceived in a variety of shapes and understandings by both the artist and the viewer.  Julia explores the conceptual and the sensory as she contemplates the relationship between dimensions as well as the abstract intimacy between object and space.

“In my current body of work there is a shift between oppositions and how these relate formally to the way object and space can be integrated in two and three dimensions. As a result these works shift between a scale of abstraction and representation. As the paintings move from the two dimensional mode into a more three dimensional one, these works change their focus to relate the experience of painting to the viewer.”

Using drawing as a way to understand object and space; her paintings have evolved to incorporate other materials such as paper and metal in order to explore planar forms, size and colour in the ideas she is manifesting artistically.

“This recent development has sought to translate and embody the paper installation works into aluminium pieces that encapsulate this process but also challenge the viewer’s perception.”

Julia Kennedy-Bell is a Sydney based artist, working in a studio through Woollahra Council. She has held solo and group exhibitions across Sydneyvenues including; Culture at Work, Bondi Pavilion Gallery, Sydney Non Objective, Factory 49 and Gaffa Gallery.