Kirsten Duncombe

Kirsten Duncombe has been artmaking since high school and is now an Art Teacher herself. She has a great passion for teaching but has recently decided to make more time to concentrate on her own practice. She creates captivating abstract landscapes using collage and acrylics.

Kirsten is inspired by all forms of artistic communication. She believes that the arts have the power to connect people and reduce the isolation and 'aloneless' we can all feel at times. She considers her works to be landscapes and skyscapes that are physically rendered in paint and collage, however they are on another level representative of the internal landscapes of the human mind. Her works can be strange, beautiful, unpredictable, and slightly eerie.

Her artistic process begins with deciding on a colour combination. She creates the background first and adds layers of paint with a thick brush, she then uses water to ‘subtract’ the paint and reveal the layers underneath.

Kristen trained as an Art Teacher at the College of Fine Art Sydney and has been a private student of Marisa Purcell.