Marisabel Gonzalez

Venezuelan-born artist Marisabel Gonzalez creates works that recall ‘places that have imprinted on (her) soul’.  She has lived in Venezuela and America and presently resides on the Northern Beaches in Australia where she is artist in residence at Warringah Creative Space in Curl-Curl.

Using mixed media, acrylic paints and woodblocks, Marisabel describes her aesthetic journey as one that has changed from being defined by reality to one that expresses a freedom of expression. She approaches the canvas 'without a preconceived idea', choosing instead to 'let (her) feelings flow'.  She enjoys adding texture to her works by overlapping layers of different medias, such as oil pencils, acrylic paint and gel. Her current works are characterised by rough soft colours, which create shapes that evoke an emotive personal interpretation of landscape. Whilst textures and shapes play a major role in her canvas work, her woodblocks tend to focus more on the relationship between colours.

For Marisabel, painting is an extension of everyday life. She splits her time between her art residency and working as a sonographer. She always keeps a drawing pad and pencils on her in order to capture shapes and contours throughout the day. Given the emotional aspect of working day-to-day in health, Marisabel tries to channel those feelings into her art-making.

In the future, Marisabel hopes to dedicate herself 100% to her artwork. By this she means becoming involved in projects that support chronically ill patients through art therapy, as well as the community in general.

Her work is held in private and corporate collections in Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, the USA and Australia.