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Helan Pereira - Red, Yellow, Blue And White


Archival print on cotton rag paper and acrylic paint. Unframed
18cm x 14cm

'Red, Yellow, Blue and White' is an original artwork by Helan Pereira as part of her 'Illusions' series.

This photo was taken in India. When travelling through Asia, chaos, beauty, tradition, the modern and the old all exist harmoniously, all in acceptance of each other and none cancelling each other out. For the artist, it questions the experience of being human. Our concepts of being human today have primarily been defined by the media, and perfection is often used as the benchmark to define what we need to strive for. As humans, we build our orderly worlds around us with these false standards of measurement and reject what we believe is ugly, painful, old or just not in vogue, sometimes without questioning.

These photos are aimed at challenging the viewer and to make us question how we as individuals, judge ourselves and others and create our world around us. The brushstrokes of paint are to capture the attention of the viewer, so that the photo now goes beyond being a photo. The image is now outside of what we know and experience in our everyday minds, which is outside of perfection.

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Helan Pereira

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