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Robin Clare - Nuh Linga


Acrylic on paper. Unframed.
50cm x 40cm

The Dancing Words series illustrates popular dances that have developed alongside the genre of Jamaican dancehall music. The images combine line drawings of repeated figures illustrating the moves and hand painted text giving the title of the dance.

Jamaican dance styles have been influencing pop culture since the introduction of skanking in late 50's when rocksteady and ska music came onto the scene. The emergence of dancehall in the late 70's followed suit with fast moving riddims and lyrical stylings that allowed dancers and choreographers to become an important part of the business of dancehall. The new style was led by Jamaica's god father of dance, Bogle. Soon artists like Elephant Man and Beenie Man were writing lyrics that introduced new dance moves. With almost every new tune there were new moves to perfect. Many of the dance moves like the bogle, willie bounce and dutty wine have crossed over to main stream pop culture around the world especially within the Hip Hop scene. Today Jamaican choreographers like Latonya Style and Kimiko Versatile and dance crews like black eagles and elite team to name but a few, continue to enrich the genre with their creativity.

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Robin Clare  Nuh Linga   Art Pharmacy  View 1.JPG
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