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Rosalind M Bunting - Limestone Crop-Dusting at Glen Davis, Capertree Valley


Oil on board. Framed in white box frame. Original Artwork.
30cm x 40cm

The magic is that initially my subject was the majestic crown of the sandstone cliffs towering over the fields of crops below. But as I was bringing the painting to its final stages, a crop dusting truck drove past my scene scattering limestone dust into the air. The clouds it made were beautiful. Instantly I transformed my previous layers of colour into brushstrokes of warm white dust. The end result of this dust framing the cliffs in the foreground was not planned, it happened by chance and from instinct.
This painting is one of the best examples of the magic in nature for a plein air painter, it will present you with things, unexpected moments that lift your artwork to new heights.

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Rosalind M Bunting

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LimestoneCropdusting_Rosalind Bunting Art Pharmacy.jpg
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