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Rosalind M Bunting - The Gap


Oil on linen. Framed in beechwood box frame. Original Artwork.
50cm x 65cm

The Gap, an ocean cliff on Sydney’s south head peninsula is one of its most photographed views. Yet little do people visiting know that this site has a dark history. It is a popular suicide spot, a site of murder and the site of a 19th century shipwreck.

When the opportunity finally came for me to paint at the Gap, I knew it would not be an easy task due to its scale as well as the emotions brought about by its history. Working larger than I had en plein air, I decided to capture the jagged lines of the cliff face set against the large and powerful waves of the pacific ocean; it gave the painting a beautiful yet unsettling quality.

Viewers might be reminded with this picture how nature is indeed at times as dangerous as she is beautiful.

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Rosalind M Bunting

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TheGap_Rosalind Bunting Art Pharmacy.jpg
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