Luca Goczey - Metadoodle No 2


Limited edition prints of only 25 on Aquarelle Rag 310gsm paper, hand-signed by Luca Goczey. Unframed.
21cm x 29.7cm

The Metadoodle Series is a collection of drawings exploring concepts of the Philosophy of Mind, Existentialism and Metaphysics. The series is also inspired by personal experiences and reflections which are expressed through an intricate system of symbolism, creating a unique form of communication.

A ‘metadoodle’ is a term coined by David McLagan and he defines it as picture-like puzzles, which do not follow any preconceived plan, although something that looks planned may result, sometimes with a more or less well ordered structure, showing a marked tendency towards symmetry. Figures play hide and seek, textures grow and then get overgrown, generating suggestive textures and promising endless possibilities but seldom fulfilling them. Such forms can be interrogated and made to deliver messages or tell stories.

*Original artwork is watercolour and ink on rag paper.
*All A4 prints are shipped in a padded envelope to ensure safe arrival.

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