Zuzu Galova

Zuzu is a Slovak designer, illustrator, photographer and craft-maker with a passion for the natural world. She is currently based in Sydney, Australia, after spending a few years wandering the world. She’s recently opened the independent, Crea Crea Studio, with her boyfriend. 

Known for her diverse skill-set, she has worked with international advertising agencies, start-ups and various organisations including: Coca-Cola, Theatre Nitra, Meat Factory Clothing and Yoga Beyond. 

As a visual artist and designer, Zuzu has two different styles evident in her personal work. Zuzu’s inner-child, the "Innocent" side, is portrayed through fun, children's illustrations. Zuzu has published the children’s book Bunnies Adventures, which has won an award “Best children’s book 2013” in the Art Book Wanted Awards. The book was published in Slovakia and is now in negotiations for an Australian release. Zuzu's “Dark” side comes out in the sexy and provocative illustrations of her series Animal Inside Me. 

Do you prefer the innocent or the dark side? 
Stay tuned for more Zuzu creations and enjoy!

2015 Exhibition Lens Between Us as a part of Head On Festival, Sydney, Australia
2015 Collective exhibition Loco Project, Bondi beach, Sydney, Australia
2014 Published book How bunnies were looking for a carrot, Limerick, Slovakia
2014 Illustration published in Coloring book Volume 4, Doodlers Anonymous
2014 Collective exhibition, Sirens of the Street art, Matthew Gillet Gallery, Sydney, Australia
2014 Design week 2014, Milano, Italy
2013 Designblok 2013, Prague design and fashion week, Prague, Czech Republic
2013 Exhibition Tabook - Festival of Independent Publishers, Tabor, Czech republic
2013 Award "Best children's book" 2013 in international competition Art Book Wanted, Edition Lidu
2013 3rd prize in art contest Visual Spectrum 2013, collective exhibition, Komarno, Slovakia
2011 3rd prize in international student competition Cirkulator 2011
2011 1st prize in competition Abstore, Tell it quick in category 33 sec. movie
2011 Collective exhibition on movie festival Early Melons
2010 3rd prize in international student competition of advertising Cirkulator 2010