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Art Pharmacy is a hand-curated online gallery supporting some of Australia’s best up and coming artists. We aren’t just about selling artworks, but are here to promote Australian art and design. When you buy a piece on Art Pharmacy you know that you are supporting local artists. There’s so many undiscovered artists out there and here’s where to find them!
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George Alamidis

Fine art print. Framed.
120cm x 120cm

The magnified image of a found nest attempts to bring the viewer closer to the complexity of its architecture, in order to appreciate the energy invested in the creation of a home.


the flow white - luke neil - art pharmacy3.jpg

Luke Neil

Laser cut red iron bark on white background. Framed.
55cm x 28cm

Experimenting with different backgrounds for “the flow” trying to mimic street art wall piece.



Bren Luke

Post War Austere with Koala Letterbox

from $90

marisabel gonzalez - Profile Pic.jpg

Marisabel Gonzalez

Marisabel’s practice aims to produce a humanised link between art and medicine. She creates a visual narrative that insights into patients’ experiences and presents medical situations as ordinary events.
She is a medical doctor from Venezuela with more than ten years experience in the imaging field as sonographer in Australia. Her work takes-off these initial imagery which is laid down in a composition of layers and marks that capture the range of emotions she senses from every day clinical scenarios.


Christelle Hug

Acrylic on stretched canvas. Unframed.
91cm x 61cm

From one stage to another in a single series of steps; leading up to the most photographed building in Sydney.



Gillian Hughes

Oil on board. Framed in timber.
60cm x 40cm

This work is from a series of paintings from the Tarkine region of Tasmania following my participation in an environmental arts project. ‘Tarkine in Motion 2017’ involved over 100 artists who were invited to capture this magnificent landscape through various artistic expressions. This painting depicts my experience of the rainforest region of the Tarkine, which is one of the largest temperate rainforests in the Southern hemisphere. In maintaining my philosophy of describing a tangible, sensory connection to the landscape, I have made deliberate decisions to saturate colours or use a cool/warm palette. In doing so, it helps to describe how I ‘felt’ in the landscape rather than just a visual memory of it. This painting depicts a very old tree that has almost ‘melted’ into the earth after falling.


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