Bec Kilpatrick's Latest Venture

Bec Kilpatrick is on the road with her latest project, Willow + Wolf, where she is sketching, photographing and sharing some of Australia’s most beautiful natural spaces.

What are your three essentials for a great creative road trip?

Cameras, pencils and lots of delicious treats.

How have you chosen the places you will visit on your journey?

We want to visit as many national parks as we can, so that is kind of mapping out our path as we head down South. Apart form that, we don’t really have set plans.

What is one thing that you hope to share with people through  your most recent project, Willow + Wolf?

To get outside! There are so may beautiful national parks in this country that people often overlook. We are sharing each place we visit on the Willow + Wolf blog, including details about how to get there and what to do. Travellers can use it as a visual reference. Check out the places we’ve been so far on Willow + Wolf.

How has your practice as an illustrator evolved as a result of working on Willow + Wolf?

There are definitely size restraints that come with working in the back of a vehicle, but my work is fairly detailed so it’s easy to adapt to the space. Andrew is a photographer, so working with him has also changed the way I use my drawings. I am now layering illustrations over photos to achieve a sense of place.

How did you go about renovating the ambulance to transform it into a living space/studio?

We gutted it when we bought it, which allowed us to re-design the space for our needs. Everything has a place and you get used to living small and simply. The bed

transforms into a table so we can work comfortably. There is storage under the bed and everything has its place. We have a back battery that powers our little fridge, computers and the small gas burner that keeps the tea flowing.

Why an ambulance for a studio?

We were looking at all sorts of different vehicles when we found our ambulance. It’s perfect for travelling in, because in a way, it’s just a car with a little home on the back. It has a lot of storage space and the high roof means that we can work inside. Plus, it has sirens!

What is the best thing about your travelling studio?

It’s nice to have all my creative materials within arm’s reach, in a space that gives me the freedom to explore everyday and stay inspired. It’s a beautiful way to live.

How long to you plan to travel for Willow + Wolf ?

For as long as we can sustain the lifestyle for… petrol isn’t cheap! We hope to be on the road for a year, working and travelling around the country, but who knows?

In your photos and illustrations, animals and wilderness often feature as subjects. What draws you to explore these?

Drawing allows people to study details that they wouldn’t normally have time for. It’s a nice way appreciate the world around you. I guess the same would be true for my photos: they are the places and things that I like surrounding myself with.

Want to see more? Be sure to check out Bec’s work on her artist page.

Willow + Wolf