Interview With Victoria Garcia

 We interview the delightful Victoria Garcia to find out where she gets her inspiration from to create her stunning, intricate artworks. 

What initially captured your imagination about pattern and textile design?
Growing up I spent a lot of time outdoors as I lived quite close to a bushland reserve. I did a lot of bushwalking and loved the feeling of being completely immersed in nature and all it’s patterns. Pattern manifests itself in so many different ways in everyday life and I find this fascinating.

How did you develop your style/process?
My style developed naturally as I brought together elements of all the different things and styles I love. I tend to do a lot of experimenting before arriving at a final image.

Name three things inspiring your current work.
Hyper nature, science, bright colour.

You are known to render many of your beautiful patterns painstakingly by hand. Does technology play a role in the production of your work in any way?
My work always begins with a hand drawn image and I always prefer to render by hand – however I will use a computer to prepare artwork for printing onto fabric or limited edition prints.

You have also collaborated with a wide range of clients on projects ranging from home wares, fashion textiles and advertising. How do you approach the collaborative process? Does it differ from how you undertake your personal works, and what are the best/worst things about the collaborative process.
I like the eclecticism that can come with a true collaboration, as you try to marry the other person’s influences and vision with your own. Getting to know and understand someone else throughout this process can be really fun and the best part of a true collaboration is arriving at the finishing point.

Do you ever have any creative slumps? How do you overcome them?
I am always documenting things in notebooks and don’t really have creative slumps- it’s usually the opposite. I have too many ideas and projects and can have a hard time focusing on one, so will usually be working on the most urgent.

Where do you create your art /What is your working environment like?
I currently work from a studio in Balmain and also have a small home studio. I try to make my work space an inspiring place to be, so have filled it with lots of plants, skulls, bones, rocks and art.

What is success to you?
My idea of success changes all the time/ over time, but right now I feel success is simply following your own path, having diverse experiences in life and being happy in who you are.

What’s on the horizon for you? Do you have any upcoming events you’d like to share with us?
I am currently exploring and experimenting with different mediums, including sculpture and animation and am also planning a new body of work. 

You can see all of Victoria's artworks for sale here

Words: Lauren Castino