Interview With Bafcat

"Just do it, don't stress, only paint", says Bafcat, a Sydney based street artist. This sharp and practical advice is what grounds Bafcat in his art making practice. Whether it be painting large scale murals for 'Hit the Bricks' or creating artworks for galleries across Australia, his passion for creating art is in the act of painting itself.
e caught up with the enigmatic Bafcat in a busy Sydney cafe, for a short chat about his works and art practice.

To start off, could you explain what your creative background is and how long have you been creating your art?
I've been drawing for as long as I can remember, I've always drawn everyday and I've done 6 years of study. I finished off uni with honours in fine arts, but I've always taken my own approach to my art and learning how I want to create it. You could say I'm classically trained but do everything the way I want it to be created following my own rules.

You probably get asked this a lot but, where did you get the name Bafcat?
I got the name Bafcat from one of my favourite books, Blood Meridian by Cormac Mcarthy.

Where, what or who do you draw your inspiration from?
My inspiration comes from movies mostly old sci-fi and adventure, comics, cartoons, weird history and of course artist like Tim Biskup, Gary Baseman, Grosz, Guston, Frank Oz, Parra, Todd James, Keith Harring,  local artist Jumbo of course, Zap, Jeremyville etc. I also draw a lot of my inspiration from nature and animals.

How do you start an artwork or mural, do you make a sketch beforehand?
It is more of an intuitive process, I bounce ideas around. I usually have a loosely based idea of what I want to paint. No sketch, I just start on the idea.

Do you have any upcoming projects?
I am working towards a solo show in Newcastle.

You can buy Bafcat's work here

Words: Jessa Melicor