A Few Questions with Haejin Yoo

In Haejin Yoo, we find a consistently evolving artist. Following the success of earlier explorations into flora and fauna, and then later works that delve into modern day personas, Haejin has resurfaced once again with an incredible series of technicolour prints. The Acid series draws upon an unconventional use of watercolours and reflects a process of fluid and vivacious paint explosions with hints to a retro-esque niche.

What does your new series explore?
The new series of works heavily explores the use of watercolours. I invested a lot of my time experimenting with ways in which watercolours have not typically been used before. I tried to use methods that created an effect of disguising the medium and making it look like something else. The pieces that show this new retro-esque lava lamp technique include Acid Skull, Rams Skull and Sparrow.

What spurred your influx of creative juices for this new series?
The Acid series retro-esque lava lamp technique was invented during a media testing session.

The effect is almost fluid-like. I wanted to paint an object that is the opposite feeling to the effect. In the case of the pieces like Acid Skull and Rams Skull, the dryness of the skull itself mixed with fluid like effect deemed a perfect quirky balance.

What 3 words would describe your new series best?
Retro. Vibrant. Eclectic.

You can view Haejin Yoo’s works here.

Words: Lotte Thomson-Vock