Interview With Dominique Gauci

We caught up with artist Dominique Gauci who was kind enough to provide us with an insight into her beautiful work.

Melbourne is fiercely cultured and has a buzzing vibe, does this influence your work at all?
Absolutely! Melbourne is filled with great design. Whether it is street art, architecture, interiors… I will draw inspiration or have ‘lightbulb’ moments everywhere I go.

How much did studying in NYC impact your art?
The studying itself didn’t have much impact on my art (I was doing journalism at the time). However, I think my little experiment to do a drawing a day in the USA was a major impact on my art and lead me to my first sellable print – Leo.

We notice a lot of publics/notable figures highlighted in your work. How do you choose these people? Are there any personal connections?
A lot of the celebrities I focused on at the start were random and inspired by friend’s and who they liked / loved (I'd usually give me art as birthday presents) As time went on I started to draw more ‘trending’ celebs and started asking my customers what they would like to see!

How did you form your unique skill of producing clean geometric lines?
Oh God, I actually don’t even know. I’ve always been interested in geometric shapes as art but it was really just me playing around that I came across my design style. I obviously use a ruler to make sure the main longer lines are clean. But I also like to free hand draw smaller lines to give my work a little more character!

How do you manage being an artist, graphic designer, account manager as well as social media marketing?
I am a multi- tasking wizard! Haha nah it’s honestly just time management. My boss is very chill and will let me take some time off or leave work early if need be. Otherwise I just do all my design work outside office hours.

What would be the first thing you do if Nick Thomm contacted you to collaborate?
UMM… Far out that’s actually tricky. I’d probably tell everyone in the office to stop what they are doing and listen to my news immediately. Then perhaps an afternoon rose' with the team to celebrate!

You can see all of Dom's works for sale here