Interview With Candice Cameron

Growing up with a heavy artistic influence from a young age, Candice Cameron has progressively formed a distinct and intriguing artistic sensibility, combining her background in graphic design and illustration to produce detailed, and intriguing artworks.

We caught up with Candice, to gain further insight into her fascinating background, inspiration and how she typically unwinds from a busy day.

Growing up, what specifically sparked your artistic desire?
I was heavily influence from my dad as he is a painter and his hobby with carpentry. So I was always surrounded by that creative energy from a young age. The earliest memory I have is spending time in my dad's workshop in our family home, while he built furniture and I would draw and scribble around the plans that he had drawn.

Do you believe you could have still perfected your skill had you not studied Fine Arts and Graphic Design?
You never stop learning and growing your skill set. It would have been at a different pace.Going through the process of studying, especially with the Fine Arts course at TAFE, pushed me to experiment with a lot more different mediums and techniques by hand.

Your work can be described as very delicate - is this a representation of a certain aspect of your personal life?
I always find this really fascinating that my work get's labeled as delicate. I love questioning and hearing others perspective on this. It is also interesting as a whole to see how my work is perceived and digested. I can understand how the line work, softer colours and floaty negative space can be taken in this way. However bottom line, personality wise I am pretty blunt and straight forward so I would say no. We are all delicate in some way and maybe this is how that aspect of me is being expressed.

What connection do you feel there is between Fine Arts and Graphic Design?
The connection they share is being able to communicate an idea creatively.

How do you deal with a creative mental block?
By stepping away and giving myself some space to relax mentally and physically to gain perspective.

I have a few go to's for this. The most important, energetically is I usually like to start each day with yoga and a short meditation to allow for that mental space and clarity for the day ahead. This is more of a preventative technique and non negotiable where I have that time for myself. I really notice and feel the difference when I do not have this time each morning.

As for the energy in my studio space, having a diffuser on with some essential oils, usually lavender or burning incense helps to set a calming vibe.

If needed I will take extra meditation breaks during the day to give my sense's a break and a bit of a recharge. Also being outdoors and connecting with nature and plants is helpful too.

What do you like to do to unwind?
- Sitting in the park surrounded by trees.
- Floating around in the ocean tidal baths. I'm grateful there are a few within walking distance from our apartment and studio. The water is really cleansing emotionally and you can't do much but just be with yourself and in the moment. The now.
- Lazing about at home on the couch reading or watching Netflix.

You can see all of Candice's artworks available to buy here