V∆ND∆L Gallery Presents: The Bottles by RCM Collective

Exhibiting: 30 May – 5 June 2017

Photo by Clyde Yee

Photo by Clyde Yee

For an excitingly brief interlude, Vandal Gallery will be host to the RCM Collective’s kinetic sculptures, The Bottles (2015).

The Bottles by RCM Collective is a kinetic posse of enlarged squeegees. Showing at Vandal are two pieces from a series of seven, first exhibited at Sculpture by the Sea Bondi, in 2015. 

With a spin on the quintessential Spray and Wipe product, the bottle forms are dubbed with life-like qualities. Designed and sculpted by hand, The Bottles hold anamorphic shape, with figurative proportions and a sympathetic inclination of the bust and nozzle. 

At Bondi, each animated character was built to spit; with a manual push of their red triggers misty sprays and fountain-like squirts are released from the nozzles.

The work was inspired by a photographic series by one of RCM’s members Megan Hales, which involved portraits of commercial cleaning agents from supermarket shelves. 

RCM is a collective of three Melbourne and Sydney-based artists: Corey Thomas, Roger Mitchell and Megan Hales. With diverse backgrounds in public sculpture, painting and film, RCM’s members are involved in multiple avenues of the arts and have exhibited nation-wide. 

THE BOTTLES (2015) by RCM Collective. fibreglass, steel armature, automotive paint, water/pump system

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