Starting an Art Collection with Art Money

Starting an art collection is a daunting experience. Isn't art collecting expensive? How do you know which art is good? Where do you start?

It's important to purchase with your heart.

Collecting art doesn't need to be expensive. You can buy the pieces that you love, and that you'd like to live with every day. Whether you choose to spend a little bit of money on art every now and again, or save up to buy a big piece, the motivator should be the same: you love the art.

But it can be hard to set yourself limits on art collecting -  it can become an addictive pursuit, so you should always try to set yourself a realistic annual budget relevant to your means and do the best you can to maximise results.

In order to better help our art loving buyers, Art Pharmacy are collaborating with Art Money: the team that has come up with a new way to buy art. Buyers can elect a set art-budget, then use it like a credit card (that they can top up again at a later date when the first purchase has been paid off) to buy the Art Pharmacy art they love. They pay a deposit, receive their art and make 9 interest-free payments.

The minimum artwork price that Art Money can be used for is $750 however this does mean you can buy more than one Art Pharmacy artwork at once to get your total above the minimum amount. This means you’ll be able to slowly (or not so slowly) build up your art collection of the Australian art on Art Pharmacy at a steady pace.

You’ll be able to  enjoy art, support local artists and galleries and contributes to the long-term sustainability of Australian art and culture (without paying extra). Happy collecting art-lovers!

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