Inside & Outside: Opening Night

Art Pharmacy’s latest exhibition at VANDAL Gallery, INSIDE & OUTSIDE, opened last Wednesday night. The night was buzzing with excitement with a huge attendance. Showcasing works by Ali Noble, Bailee Lobb and Harleigh English, the exhibition questions the ways we escape, reinvent and strengthen our reality. Each artist, with varied creative backgrounds, brings a unique approach to the exhibition. A world of colour, from textiles to ceramics and a giant yellow pumpkin which offers a place of refuge, meditation and escape.

Curator and artist, Rosell Flately, demonstrated a great love for the artists and their work. Flately created this exhibition, presenting each artist side by side in the hope that audiences would escape to another place and temporarily enter the minds of each of them.

Audience members were asked how they change our physical spaces to express our internal selves; filling in specially designed postcards with their anecdotes.

Read our interview with the artists here.

Inside & Outside  postcard repsonse

Inside & Outside postcard repsonse