So Far So Good: The Artists

"This exhibition is about bringing together a diverse range of strong artistic voices to create a show that says 'you're not alone' in a way that is fun, engaging and light-hearted." 



The So Far So Good exhibition is a one-of-a-kind text-hibition, curated by Art Pharmacy's art director, Amy Roser. The contemporary group show will feature text-based works from 14 local, interstate, international, emerging + established artists.  

And get this: All profits of any artworks sold at this exhibition will go towards our charities One Wave and batyr. Even more reason to get involved! 

Amy says about the exhibition: "Art can be a great tool to share intimate thoughts in a way that feels accessible, understandable and easy to digest - it transcends conversation and the limits of the physical realm. This exhibition is about bringing together a diverse range of strong artistic voices to create a show that says 'you're not alone' in a way that is fun, engaging and light-hearted.

Each element or individual involved in the show has been thoughtfully selected to ensure I am able to reach the widest group of people in a way that doesn't exclude anyone from enjoying, learning and contributing. "

We want you to learn more about the amazing artist that are involved in the exhibition, so get to know them better through the bio's below: 

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Amy Roser:

A Sydney based artist who hails from sunny Queensland. With a fascination for philosophy, art in place and weird things that people do, Roser channels her ever changing obsessions into her artwork.

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Anatol Knotek:

An Austrian artist. Visual and concrete poetry, installation and conceptual art are in the centre of his artistic work, which has been exhibited internationally. His concrete and visual poems have been published in journals, chapbooks, schoolbooks and anthologies.

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Astra Howard: 

An action researcher and performer working predominantly within public spaces in cities.  Since 1998 Astra has designed and produced site-specific works under the banner of CityARC, (the City Action Research Centre) in cities across Australia, and internationally, including: Beijing, Paris, New York, Delhi, Hanoi and London.

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Claire Johnson:

"I will never forget the first time I touched clay, it was a hot summers day in my year nine art class and we were attempting to replicate the masterful Henry Moore and his majestic sculptures in terracotta. I think it was love at that very moment. Through all the mess and the clumsy way my hands gripped the medium at first soon turned into a fascination, and so began my greatest passion."

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George Raftopoulos:

His paintings are immediate, responsive, intuitive. He is a story-teller. In the manner of Aesop his paintings are modern visual fables and moral lessons; observations on man’s inhumanity to man and the human condition and more prosaically the vicissitudes of the artist, along with musings on politics, philosophy and life. The migrant experience pervades. 

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Noula Diamantopoulos: 

A Sydney-based multidisciplinary artist working across a variety of mediums including performance, sculpture, mosaics, printmaking, painting and encaustics. But who is Noula really? She is an artist, psychotherapist and the author of a book called YOU ARE. THAT IS. CREATIVE. As a contemporary artist, much of Noula’s work explores new ways of making, seeing and understanding both art and the world.

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Enigmatic spirit = Magic // Ritual performed = Ceremony // Slow Meditation = Shrine // CREATE  .... modern mythology,  through music production, performance art, installation, sensory play, immersive experiments. A multidisciplinary artist exploring modern mythology.  Reaching deeply into ancient past and future dystopia Offerings creates Artefacts from the Spirit for the Spirit.

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Tyrone Layne: 

Tyrone’s oil on canvas people-scapes are fresh and sensitively drawn observations of human behaviour, layered with intricate exchanges between characters in the background whilst making confidently broad statements about people and culture – documenting the ways of the people in his newfound home.

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Will Coles:

Best known for his defiant and accessible take on street art – sculptures that bring together pop and conceptual aesthetics. These familiar yet unsettling works surprise and delight people in cities across the world as they go about their day. By embedding dissonant words and sentences into his concrete casts of seemingly banal objects, his work uses dark humour to provide a commentary on modern society.

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Tristan Kerr: 

Is an artist and typographer whose work reflects on cultural diversity, consumerism and advertising, and the tensions between subjects who exist within these worlds. He combines fragments of street signage, mark making, graffiti and abstraction through his works. Through his practice, Kerr interrogates the ever-changing face of the city and its typographic ephemera, portraying the disregarded surfaces of urban life in his paintings, sculptures and large-scale installations.

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Ebrahim 'Blackhat' Herera:

Is an artist and writer, who works to disrupt the everyday, while working in a social practice sphere to connect with the everyday experience. Blackhat uses poetry as a major driving force in his text based work to create a dialogue between artwork, audience and space. By writing to aspects of space be it isolated, populated, derelict or new, Blackhat can create a dynamic work that reflects his surroundings. 


Lucy Lucy: 

Currently residing in Melbourne, Parisian born artist Lucy Lucy has graciously carved her niche in the Australian urban art community. Her work moves between large-scale public murals, gallery work, tribal ornaments and bespoke fashion.  She has been painting murals and exhibiting in France, the US, Canada, Thailand, Australia, and the UK

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Joi Murugavell:

a Sydney based artist whose works are big, bold, and full of character. A graphic designer by trade, she now works on her artworks full time. "So much has felt like procrastination until I started drawing and painting six years ago," she says, "It feels like I never started or stopped creating art".

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John Kaye:

Is an internationally recognised artist who was raised on the Gold Coast, Australia. John specialises in large scale paintings and has over twelve years experience. John’s art stems from an early fascination with graffiti, with traveling and graffiti both being huge parts of his life. His work responds to personal experience and the influences of his travels.

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Virtual Immersive: 

A Sydney-based virtual and augmented reality studio. They bring storytelling, visual effects and emerging technologies together to create immersive experiences in virtual and augmented reality.