The creative life of Bren Luke: His inspirations and art practice

Working from his small home studio in Ballarat, Bren Luke creates intricate cross-hatched illustrations using pen and ink. Luke draws inspiration from Albrecht Durer’s 16th century engravings, Japanese woodcut prints, alternative comic artists, architecture, 1970’s television and cinema.

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'Scale, darkness and Mountains': Art Pharmacy Interviews Artist Bonnie Porter Greene

Writer Montana O'Neil caught up with the Sydney Art Pharmacy artist. See Bonnie's work here.

When Bonnie Porter Greene isn’t learning German, teaching her 13-year-old daughter the secrets of 35mm photography or editing articles for the collaborative website McPhee, she is busy in her studio with a paint brush and oil paints. We managed to catch up for a chat after her recent return from a creative retreat in California.

Art Pharmacy artist, Bonnie Porter-Greene

Art Pharmacy artist, Bonnie Porter-Greene

Bonnie studied Fine Arts at West Wollongong TAFE, majoring in painting in the late 1990’s and has painted ever since. After having children, she explored other creative processes including textiles and collage out of convenience.

However, she has always come back to oil paints as her medium of choice. The medium, as well as painting on board, allows her to be rough and energetic with her strokes adding energy and authenticity to the works.

In the creation of her large scale, vibrant artworks Bonnie says, “I am drawn to beauty in the everyday.” From natural landscapes, shadows on hills and rooftops to decaying and abandoned ‘forgotten’ places. Following a trip to New Zealand, Bonnie began painting mountain lines, explaining that she was left with a series of very dark paintings.

This darkness played on her emotional wellbeing as she said “[the experience] made me feel a little sad after being immersed in the dark paint for several weeks.” Since then she has produced artworks with vibrant and contrasting colour pallets which better reflect her state of mind.

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Bonnie’s creative practice is very organic, starting with a few drawings in her sketchbook and growing into the finished product. She says that, “just getting my paints out and beginning is sometimes enough of an inspiration. I try not to wait for inspiration to strike but just to begin something.” As if the brush has a mind of its own and complete artistic freedom.

To keep these creative juices flowing, she never limits herself, working on multiple projects simultaneously, mixing with creative people and exercising and journaling daily.

Bonnie Porter-Greene, Cloudscape 3, $220

Bonnie Porter-Greene, Cloudscape 3, $220