Saint O'Donnell “Select Talks” at Vandal Gallery

Art Pharmacy teamed up with our good friends at Saint O'Donnell to bring together their first “Select Talks” a creative discussion series centred around supporting emerging creatives in Sydney.

St. O’Donnell is a music artist, event, creative and venue management agency.

This time Tom Huggett (Astral People), Alexander Franco (Future Classic) and Tessa Kerans (Stop Start Music) chatted about Artist Management right here in our Vandal gallery space, in Redfern!

Sponsored by the ever generous Jameson's and Young Henry's.

Tom Huggett (Astral People), Alexander Franco (Future Classic) and Tessa Kerans (Stop Start Music)

Tom Huggett (Astral People), Alexander Franco (Future Classic) and Tessa Kerans (Stop Start Music)

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Emilya and The Other Art Fair

The Other Art Fair is currently the UK’s largest artist led fair. It is a tangible gateway for emerging artists in the UK to gain exposure and widespread success. Due to its mammoth success overseas, The Other Art Fair is debuting in Australia on the 10-13th of September this year, bringing with it the same art fervour and excitement from London to Sydney!

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Interiors Under The Microscope

Collecting objects of Art and Design can be a scary game. What do you buy, when do you buy it – how do you decide the difference between a wise investment and an impulse indulgent? At The Lab, Art Pharmacy brought together some industry experts to shed some light on collecting for your home

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Stories From The Lab

We spent a cosy afternoon in September enjoying a cup of delicious Sticky Chai surrounded by beautiful art and talented artists! ‘Stories from The Lab’ was a relaxed talk with a few of the artists who were exhibiting in Art Pharmacy’s pop-up exhibition, including Bea Bellingham, Maz Dixon, Stuart Smith, Sara Roberts, Elyssa Sykes-Smith, Mr Will Coles and Vincent Buret.

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The Lab Launches!

The first night of ‘The Lab’ was without a doubt one of the busiest gallery openings I have ever been to. There was a large queue waiting to get in, although they were waiting quite happily as they had a perfect view of the art happening outside - Mulga the Artist was decorating the front window with a bright-green bearded scientist!

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The Atrium at Object Gallery

Throwing around ideas and concepts is usually something done and dusted long before the unveiling of an exhibition, however, The Atrium wanted to keep people thinking. Last Friday night at Object Gallery was the launch an interactive and collaborative exhibition which aimed not only to present to the audience, but to engage and involve them and gather their perspectives and their passions.

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Art Pharmacy presents its second Pop Up Exhibition!

Art Pharmacy is thrilled to present our second Pop-Up exhibition!

The show will take place at 118 Oxford St, Darlinghurst, 2010 (close to Taylor Square). This time it’s two back-to-back shows held throughout the month of May 2013.

Times are tight and so is space! Our first show will display artworks for purchase that are small, sensibly priced and one of a kind. The show is titled ‘CITY vs NATURE’ and features 20 artists and 85 original works in a variety of mediums from illustration, watercolour, oil & acrylic paint, to wood and collage.

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