Interview With Shellie Cleaver

Shellie Cleaver paints intimate still life portraits, echoing ideas from Giorgio Morandi with the delicate simplicity of the unremarkable still life objects she chooses to feature. Her humble design aesthetic speaks of quiet contemplations and perceptions. The depths of Shellie’s works are unavoidably attractive; her dark palette lending the viewer through an ethereal conduit towards a viscerally divergent domestic space.

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Interview With Kristine Ballard

"I wasn’t really exposed to any ‘visual artists’ growing up but I loved drawing and looking at paintings in books and I loved colourful things. My mother was always sewing and doing some craft project and my father was a carpenter. He took up wood-turning in his senior years and made beautiful bowls and pens from Australian timber."...

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Interview With Aquaman

With a practice that draws upon the street art aesthetics, refined illustrations of the natural world and a collection of bold, bombastic sculptures, Aquaman a.k.a James Lesjak-Atton has been making a name for himself through a fluid, consistent portfolio of work that by all means centres itself around ‘play’. For almost a decade, he has been drawing and painting large-scale works, participated in group shows, exhibited solo shows and taken on a Bachelor of Visual Arts (majoring in Sculpture) at the Sydney College of Arts. The young artist has also co-curated three mammoth fundraising exhibitions, One for the Road, Put it on Wax and Slab Slam Jam, and worked with various mural heavyweights around Australia.

We caught up with him to find out more about his background in the arts.

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Interview With Liz Penizeva

Liz Peniazeva is a Sydney based artist working out of the Inner West. Interested in analysing and reconstructing ideas relating to women and their bodies, she seeks to re-configure notions of gender, domesticity and sexuality. After completing her BVA (Painting) at Sydney College of the Arts in 2014, Liz has since forayed into analogue collage - a medium she views as often misrepresented.

Collecting and working with vintage ephemera, Liz re-purposes archaic representations of women into scenes she considers contemporary and relevant.

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Interview With Jessica B Watson

Jessica B Watson’s works reflect a world dripping in rich colour and fine detail. From Newcastle in New South Wales to Gothenburg in Sweden, and then Rimbun Dahan in Malaysia, Jessica’s navigation of various continents has infused her art-making practice with a multitude of aesthetic ideas. These ideas are delicately handled and tactfully merged together to create rhythmic patterns with textural depth.

Whilst Jessica reflects upon her art practice as mediation for all the debris one incurs in the midst of living, the end product is precise layering of fine silks and deep inks, hand stitched to form beautiful, clean-cut murals. She developed this technique when on a yearlong residency in Malaysia, but has let the practice slowly take over every space she occupies. “I think that I try to create precision and calmness in my work because I don’t have it in my head”.

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Interview With Jeff McCann

Jeff McCann works with repurposed cardboard, allowing him to further his boundaries of creative form.  His works extend from wearable and functional designs, from handbags and jewellery, to meticulous, geometric yet psychedelic pieces of hanging wall art. Jeff McCann CANN-do just about anything. His transition into the field of jewellery and costume pieces has seen the production of authentic works that explore his yearn for unabridged consumption. His works allow for a desire to be consumed by more than just the eye and, instead, become extensions of the body. They complement rugged timber surfaces and lustrous, green succulents. Jeff McCann’s stunning, unique artworks highlight his ability to upcycle and transpire cardboard ‘trash’ into beautiful, detailed works of treasure.

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Interview With Tanya Wales

Tanya Wales intentionally has no reference to guide her works, choosing instead to paint intuitively, responding and acting upon an experience or feeling. The techniques she uses guide her methods and practise, using a combination of pouring, transparent layers, fine brushwork and painterly marks. The nature of this work and its many stages means she is usually working on several pieces in parallel. 

Arts writer Kate Bettes caught up with Tanya to find out more about her intuitive practice.

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Interview With Chloe Harris

Chloe Harris is an illustrator/printmaker whose body of work reflects a charming and patient approach to art making. Her ideas come from a serene space located in nature. Silence and solitude are intrinsic to these ideas and Chloe’s depiction of them manifests in the form of intimate portraits and scenes of flora and fauna.

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Interview With Sarina Diakos

Calling from Adelaide, South Australia, Sarina Diakos is privy to some of the most unique landscapes, equal in severity as they are beauty. The locale informs Sarina’s paintings, both in colour and composition, though some of Adelaide’s harsher features are made supple in the work’s portrayal.

Our arts writer Kate Bettes caught up with Sarina to see what she’s been up to recently...

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Interview With Marisabel Gonzalez

Marisabel Gonzalez is a Venezuelian born artist, who experiments with block colour to communicate an abstract landscape. Her use of texture and antithesis of rough and soft colours permeates the conduit of her subjective narrative. Marisabel often finds herself “recalling places that have imprinted in [her] heart and soul.” Her vivacious and conceptual works recall memories from both her Australian and Venezuelan life: “My pieces are the result of this blend of similarities from two places miles apart but so close to my heart at the same time.” Heralding mixed media, acrylic paints and woodblocks Marisabel’s artistic pilgrimage extends the constellation of everyday life, in a tenacity of creative vigour.

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Interview With Freya Powell

Freya Powell is in the midst of a floral obsession and, for the last two years, has channeled that obsession into painting. Though relatively new to acrylic and canvas, Freya’s creative portfolio bridges multiple fields. Originally from Great Britain with a background in fashion and design, she now lives in Sydney, Australia, and has taken on painting as the new medium through which she explores her visual concepts.

In her current series, Freya looks to the temporal nature of flowers, noting their fluid, silken structure as having the likeness of fabric. Art’s writer Kate Bettes caught up with Freya to find out more about her floral practice.

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Interview With Kate Cuthbert

Kate Cuthbert’s art making process is organic and free flowing. Sharing her workspace with her cat, she lets her works happen naturally and makes a note not to over complicate them. All her works are hand cut with absolutely no subjection to digital manipulation. “I work with anything and everything, primarily paper. Nothing collagable is safe! I love vintage magazines, mainly for the advertising, and National Geographic’s magazines are always a great source. I can't pass an op shop without looking through the books. I cut with both scissors and an exacto knife, depending on the image and paper quality”.

We recently caught up with Kate in her hometown, Adelaide.

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