Caroline Walls

With a strong sense of colour and graphic form, Caroline Walls is a designer and visual artist who consistently creates work with a skilled and fluid approach to aesthetics. Caroline’s creative practice has crossed continents to New York and London where she worked in creative agencies for large-scale fashion and lifestyle brands. Now local to Melbourne, Victoria, Caroline has established herself as director at a boutique design agency and as an artist in her studio at Carlton North. She has a degree in Communications from Swinburne University and a degree in Visual Arts from the Victorian College of the Arts.

Caroline’s work expresses movement from the human body by reducing it to its form. Though her print works demand strong use of colour, Caroline strips back the very same in her paintings and graphite drawings so as not to lose the detail or gesture of her strokes. Having said this, there is obvious intention behind the lithe colour scheme, which resonates with the natural milk and oak tones of supple nude skin.

Besides painting, Caroline works with soft-sculpture, illustration and printmaking. She is currently working on developing her silk-screen printing and is also starting large-scale oil paintings. If it were possible, Caroline would love to collaborate with female artists Marlene Dumas and Tracey Emin. Similarly, she would step back in time to work with Louise Bourgeois. For the time being, she will to continue working intuitively on the human form with as many different mediums as possible.