Christelle Hug

Christelle Hug explores interpretations of reality through the precise stylisation of architecture. Heavily influenced by a twelve year career in industrial design, she is concerned with the way ideas are presented in 3D to create an ideal reality.

Hug employs two distinct artistic styles. Intricate, monotonal graphite drawings depict how reality is perceived, while colourful acrylic paintings reflect how reality is felt, rather than seen.

By carefully selecting, developing and refining lines, colours and shapes, she aims to create poetic reconstructions and simplified versions of cityscapes. Outrageously bold colours encourage the audience to question how emotions influence their perception of the world around them.

Hug works from The Nest, a creative warehouse space in Alexandria, surrounded by eclectic furniture and the creations of talented fellow artists. She keeps her energy levels high by dancing while applying paint to each canvas.