"DESERT STARS" curated by Nichola Dare // Aboriginal Contemporary
10 August - 3 September 2017

World class contemporary art from remote Aboriginal artists

Art Pharmacy, Vandal Gallery and Aboriginal Contemporary invite you to appreciate the work of some of Australia’s finest living contemporary artists; Indigenous Australians whose work is as remarkable as their communities are remote.

Aboriginal Contemporary owner, Nichola Dare, who has curated ‘Desert Stars’, regularly travels to the remote desert communities that are home to these artists. Over many years, she has built unique relationships with the art centres, which enables her to not only source outstanding work but attest to its provenance and the ethical treatment of the artists.

Artists include: Mabel Juli, from Warmun in the Western Desert paints with strident, minimalist form using ochre pigments textured with earth and ash that create an intense depth it’s hard to believe possible on a canvas.

Bugai Whyoulter, from Martumili, controls powerful colours with subtlety and joy to intuitively communicate ancestral stories, and the country she grew up in.

Yurpiya Lionel, from Ernabelle in the APY Lands, trails exquisite, yet uneven lines across her canvases to fluently convey the country that still sustains the oldest living culture on earth.

All three artists are featured in ‘Desert Stars’, alongside others, whose work would also hold its own in any contemporary gallery in the world.

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