Erina Faulhaber

Erina Faulhaber has been painting for over thirty years and has over two hundred works under her belt. Her impressionistic paintings of her local surroundings evoke familiarity but also an urge to explore.

In her ‘Backyard Landscape’ series, Erina depicts her home in the Australian Capital Territory, from which she has the Australian alps, farms, bush, Molonglo River, and a glorious vineyard all within walking distance. These places are imbued with Erina’s own memories and experiences. It’s where she takes her four rescue dogs, three of which feature in this series.

Despite the personal nature of the images, however, each one directly invites the viewer in. They encourage visual exploration, by providing a pathway or an opening for her viewers to enter the painting.

Erina prefers to paint with acrylic on canvas, but dabbles with watercolours when she’s on the go. She paints directly from her sources, studying a tree, a rock, a cloud, a bush or grass for hours on end. In her own words, “I could spend a lifetime looking at my surrounds. Time passes so quickly when I paint these things.”

Erina trained in Fine Art at TAFE in Darlinghurst in the 1990s. In addition, she has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Sydney with studies in Australian Colonial History, which has significantly influenced her landscape paintings.