Gunjan Aylawadi

Gunjan Aylawadi is an extraordinary paper artist, using a unique paper art technique to create beautiful, intricate artworks.

Gunjan's work is always precision perfect and her love for paper as a primary material shines through her artwork. Her art making practice is a way for her to express the endless possibilities of paper. "A material as light and natural as paper speaks to who I am. I do not like to consume a lot and strive to tread lightly. In this pursuit, working with paper almost feels therapeutic."

Utilising a mix of new, discarded and recycled paper, expertly glued onto card, Gunjan changes the way paper can be cut, curled and moulded. She pieces together artworks that often look like flat mosaics however, upon closer inspection, the tiny, rolled up paper pieces create 3 dimensional designs that lift above the cardboard backing. "I lovingly cut and curl every strip of paper by hand and use it to create new forms. I developed this technique because I wanted to do something new with paper, something that hadn't been done before."

Her artworks focus on beautiful detail and stunning unique designs. All illustration is expertly done by hand. She draws inspiration from patterns and motifs in middle eastern culture and is particularly drawn to the cultural meaning behind symbols and shapes.

Gunjan Aylawadi is a Sydney based paper artist. She is also currently studying Product Design at the Enmore Design Centre, Sydney.

Gunjan is a finalist in the following awards:
Flanagan Art prize 2014
Woollahra Small Sculpture prize