Ioana Longfield

Growing up in a household full of architecture and design at an early age, Ioana has never been far away from the beauty of art. Drawing inspiration from the complexities of life and self development, she always aims to create with desire, share journeys, and celebrate how special it is to be human. Her style of painting encompasses several techniques, which include: loose/soft blending, striking contrast with colour and delicate play with light and transparency. With a genuine love for acrylic and canvas, her work involves layering her imagery over an ethereal layer of colourful atmosphere.

When Ioana isn’t busy getting paint all over herself in her small in-home studio, listening to podcasts or Sigur Ros, you can find her at her part-time retail job or writing about peace, health and happiness on her personal blog. With her 2017 mantra being to simply INSPIRE and CREATE, Ioana has set building a greater platform for her painting and writing as one of her main goals. Everything she does is motivated from her aim to inspire and motivate others.

Ioana is very inspired by Sydney artist Brooklyn Whelan and expresses her great attraction to his works' colours, soft layering, compositions and subject matter, which create a simple but striking final project.