Isabella Antonievich

Young artist Isabella Antonievich is an exciting discovery. Working primarily in painting, drawing and collage (all combined into mixed-media wonderlands), Antonievich chronicles the musings of an inner-city teen, in all of its edgy and glittery glory. Her works are tumultuous and celebratory, often featuring long-haired waif like women, a recurring autobiographical image? In any case, Antonievich is very open-minded about where her inspiration may come from, ranging from Japanese animated cinema to the vernacular street style of her peers. Fashion plays a large part in both Isabella's artistic process and her finished pieces, particularly cinematic art direction and costume design. Antonievich draws inspiration from giants of the industry such as Tim Burton and Wes Anderson, both artists of great eccentricity and imagination. 

Antonievich strives to create mini worlds on paper. By including an extraordinary amount of detail in each piece, her work is meant to be observed and taken in over an extended period of time. Her pieces are actually suited to repeat viewings, each successive interaction revealing more about the artist's unique imagined worlds. Although Antonievich's artistic process changes for each painting that is created, the one constant factor of her art-making is the presence of a very loud playlist of music, keeping her creative energy flowing for long periods of time! Finally, Antonievich is ambitious, with big dreams that combine her love for music, fashion and visual arts - this is an artist to keep an eye on!