Jeff McCann

Jeff McCann is an emerging artist, illustrator and maker who has mastered the skill of transforming cardboard and paper into bespoke works of art, each with a distinct handmade quality and charm.

Jeff's art practice is guided by the materials he chooses to use, whether it be paper bags to tree branches. He celebrates his material choices and never wants to hide or disguise what is being used. He finds the story of his work becomes richer when the “canvas” has a previous purpose or life.

After graduating from a Bachelor of Arts (Design for Theatre and Television) from Charles Sturt University, he began his career in the arts as quite the environmentally savvy artrepreneur. He created 'Cardigan Threads Collective', a label that draws influence from sustainable and environmental design and he also invented the 'flute bags', a bag collection made from repurposed cardboard. He has worked on projects for a variety of clients including Eastern Riverina Arts, the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery and Museum, Albury Art Gallery, Albury City Council, Studio Artes and ABC Open. 

Jeff McCann is an emerging artist based in Sydney. Jeff’s goal is to move his art practice into furniture/object and surface design. One of his dreams is to be making one-of-a-kind pieces that can be showcased in exhibitions, retail spaces and as public art. “I am extremely lucky to have found my material of choice (cardboard and paper) so early in my career.It allows me to work in both 2D and 3D. This gives me the flexibility to explore a wider scope and find more opportunities for creative growth.”

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