Jennifer Lia

Jennifer Lia is a Sydney-based painter whose work reflects her defined yet spontaneous approach to art making. Her work explores the healing power of the ocean and the natural beauty of the Australian coastline. The strong sense of connection she feels to the water is integral to her art practice. Jennifer's appreciation of the fragility and power of nature manifests itself in the form of abstract paintings, full of bold gestural brushstrokes of rich and luminous blues.

Whilst Jennifer's aesthetic approach and artistic concepts have evolved naturally from her beach-side living at Manly, they are also informed by her travels. As she says, "I always love a travel size gouache set or watercolour pencils to capture a beautiful spot when on the road."

Originally trained in textiles at the College of Fine Arts, Jennifer has worked in the fashion and textiles industry for the past ten years. "I started a fashion label out of high school," she says, "and started selling at Bondi markets and a few boutiques."

For the past year, however, Jennifer has been painting full time. "It's been the best and bravest decision of my life," she states. Working from her home studio, she is surrounded by music, jars of old paint and stacked canvases. Crucially, a large drop sheet is spread out, enabling her to dive in to spontaneous art making, unworried about the potential mess.

When she's not busy working in the studio or travelling, Jennifer dreams up a home wares range in which her art and lifestyle products would co-exist and complement each other. Her dream collaboration would be to work with Ken Done or Anya Brock. "I love their vibrancy and lust for life," she says, attributes which are also clearly found in her art.