Jessica b Watson

Jessica b Watson’s works reflect a world dripping in rich colour and fine detail. From Newcastle in New South Wales to Gothenburg in Sweden, and then Rimbun Dahan in Malaysia, Jessica’s navigation of various continents has infused her art-making practice with a multitude of aesthetic ideas. These ideas are delicately handled and tactfully merged together to create rhythmic patterns with textural depth.

Whilst Jessica reflects upon her art practice as a mediation for all the debris one incurs in the midst of living, the end product is precise layering of fine silks and deep inks, hand stitched to form beautiful, clean-cut murals.  She developed this technique when on a yearlong residency in Malaysia, but has let the practice slowly take over every space she occupies. “I think that I try to create precision and calmness in my work because I don’t have it in my head”.

When it comes to materials, Jessica uses many – paper, pencils, sewing needles, threads, natural fibres and inks - looking for mediums with pleasing tactility. She looks for a similar kind of integrity in her conceptual resources, looking to cultures, colours, patterns and conversations from the world at large.

Aside from her art-making, Jessica works casually in opera and film as a dyer and art finisher for costumes. She also taught drawing for many years in Sweden, and looks to opening up classes again in the future.

Jessica has a Master of Fine Arts in Textile Art from Gothenburg University. Her works have been selected for the finalist’s exhibition of the Kennedy Foundations Art Prize in 2014 and the 8th International Fibre Biennale ‘From Lausanna to Beijing’ in China in 2014.