Joel Cameron

Joel Cameron is a Sydney based artist and designer, practicing with a range of mediums from illustration to sculpture.

Joel is inspired by Futurism and the relationship between humans, technology and nature. His work explores these themes and considers how technology impacts the Earth. Skateboarding is a constant influence of his style and has resonated with him on a very deep level of expression. He also takes influence from graffiti artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring, and he draws inspiration from animation, such as Anime and the work of Studio Ghibli.

Joel uses the technique of “Dimensional Illustration” which fuses illustrated styles with sculpture to create another dimension for an image to exist in. He is intrigued by new technologies and techniques such as 3D printing and laser cutting however his primary material is wood.

"I love working with wood be it a sculpture or a wooden panel to paint on. I favour working with wood, as it feels robust and tactile, and prefer to have the work unframed so it is more engaging with our world not just contained behind glass.”

Joel has been involved in several group exhibitions around Australia as well as Internationally in France and Germany. His plans for the future include a series of large-scale public installations, and solo shows coupled with residencies in New York and Europe.