Leni Kae

Leni Kae is a multidisciplinary Australian contemporary artist and illustrator based in Sydney's Inner West. Her work has attracted international audiences, with exhibitions across New York, London, Varese, Bologna, Barcelona, Florence as well as locally across Australia. In 2016 Leni Kae was a finalist in the Brisbane Art Prize, and the Lethbridge Small Art Prize.

Leni’s artworks are an aesthetic and emotional journey captured through colour, flowing patterns, linework, and dripping paint; infused with the symbolic attributes of the subject and composition. The artist’s underlying desire is to reinforce ‘connection’ within the self as well as with others; whether it is via connection to place, the spirit of an animal, or connection to a colour. "Art Inspires us to visit the concept of 'Unity' and see ourselves and part of a bigger universe" - Leni Kae

Kae’s current abstract landscape series "Healing Landscapes" explores a connection to place; the real and the imagined, and its how it reflects emotional healing landscape of the self. In this series, we see Leni Kae apply her studies in Colour Therapy to instill colour symbolism and elicit an emotional response in her works. Her brushstroke patterns draw visual inspiration from the post-impressionist movement and the works of van Gogh and John Russell.

In each piece from the series, the intentionally flowing and rhythmic patterns of petal and leaf forms stand as a symbol of blossoming growth and renewal. Each petal or leaf is designed to reach out and ‘connect’ with others; and as the viewer’s eye is invited to follow the flow, the human need for growth and connection is also highlighted.

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