Luke Neil

Luke's work began by exploring the possibilities of timber crafting. His style has evolved using an intuitive design process that values experimentation, a distinctive aesthetic that he proudly calls his own.

His work combines function with the unexpected, characterised by strong flowing lines, to create unconventional sculpture. While each piece has a natural flow and harmony within itself, the negative space surrounding it inevitably comes into play. With shifting light and perspective comes shifting form and experience.

Luke creates from the heart, without initially being conscious of the hidden depths in his work. He is constantly surprised however by how people respond to and are affected by his work, particularly in the deeper meaning they have uncovered.

Part of the magic of art is the variety in which pieces are interpreted and experienced differently by every individual who sees them. We all have unique ways of looking at life and the world around us. It is through sharing these new perspectives that we can really learn, grow and create a richer, more connected life with each other.

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