Manuela Strano

Manuela Strano creates captivating geometric and organic shapes in her artwork, that float like fragments from an imagined world.

She enjoys interweaving elements of design, structure and patterns that stem from her industrial design background. "My design background definitely influences my art practice and vice versa, I think it's why I like to combine both geometric and organic shapes and patterns." Her current series explores natural rock formations with elements of space and astronomy. Her objects often appear suspended, both on paper and conceptually. The amalgamation of natural forms mixed with bursts of vibrant colour and soft intricate pattern, leave the object suspended somewhere between the natural world and an imagined galaxy.

Manuela uses a mix of materials to create the texture, movement and detail in her works. "My materials of choice are mainly pen, pencil and water colour on paper. I love the vivid and diverse textures that combining these mediums creates, as well as the delicacy and detail that comes from watercolours and pencils." Her art making practice involves repetitively drawing patterns and shapes which she finds meditative and calming. In effect, there is an echo of calmness and tranquillity that can be found in many of her works.

Manuela Strano is a Sydney based artist and graphic designer. She has a solid foundation in design, having studied a Bachelor of Industrial Design and is currently studying a Masters of Graphics and media at UNSW COFA. In 2012, she was the runner up of the inaugural Cake Wines Archi-bottle competition winning the Rose label. She has exhibited in numerous group shows in Sydney and Melbourne and is always on the lookout for opportunities to collaborate with other artists.