Marnie Ross

Marnie's work is a response to organic forms and the ever-changing designs created by light, movement and time.

This experience is translated through a range of techniques. Her exploration of both printmaking and painting allows each process to inform and enhance the other. Printmaking techniques have a very strong influence on the way the paint is applied, and often wiped away leaving a shadowy residue highlighting the textures of the surface. Activation of the surface is an integral part of her practice and adds to the diversity of mark and allows a more spontaneous and confident mark to emerge.

Extensive use of layering in these works, emulates the natural processes, shadows and subtle variations in texture and light and thus a complexity is revealed in seemingly simple structures.

With a strong focus on shape, outlines and shadows, natural forms are accentuated and abstracted to create interesting compositions reminiscent of natural layering and evolving light patterns. 

No artworks available at this time, sorry.