Gillian Hughes - Sunlight Over Kissing Point

Gillian_Hughes-Sunlight_at_ Kissing_ Point- Art_Pharmacy.jpg
Gillian_Hughes-Sunlight_at_ Kissing_ Point- Art_Pharmacy.jpg

Gillian Hughes - Sunlight Over Kissing Point


Oil on board. Framed in timber.
30cm x 84cm

From the “Goldforsaken Hills” series this painting depicts my view from Kissing Point Lookout in Hill End. The gum trees, or the scragginess of the local bushland obscures many of the views in Hill End.

Through the use of colour and the elimination of distracting detail, I have depicted.

The clouds drifting beneath the suns glare, where patches of land are plunged into darkness. As the cloud moves away, the light once again, reveals the typically subtle hues contained within the landscape. As the eyes adjust to these changes in light and shade, the hues are either momentarily augmented, or they are ‘washed out” by the sun’s glare.

This painting reveals a landscape that is perpetually reinventing itself through the medium of light.

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