Patricia Santoso

Clinical psychologist by day, resin and mixed media artist by night, Patricia Santoso is an artist to watch!

Drawing inspiration from the ‘nature of relationships with people, our emotional states and also our environments’, Patricia creates work that is big and bold in its abstraction. Full of vibrant twisting and twirling colours, and intricate, intriguing patterns, her works are created with a combination of resin, ink, and acrylics. As she says, ‘they work well together and because of their ability to flow, merge and, at different stages be constant, they are able to embody the nature of my work.’

Working from a home studio that is simultaneously organised for precision, and free for the spontaneity of organic artistic creation, Patricia is inspired by music and her work as a psychologist. Her dream is to one day have an exhibition that combines her two passions of psychology and art: ‘There is so much that people share with me and there have been times when I have showed them an artwork I have created that has been inspired by their story, their self-expression, their ability to communicate the darkness, hardship, joy, and neutrality that they have felt.’

10% of proceeds from the sale of Patricia's artworks will go to Beyond Blue.