Valentina Schulte - Fog Distortion Variation 1


Valentina Schulte - Fog Distortion Variation 1


Giclee Print on Summerset velvet water colour paper
64cm x 80cm
Edition available: 2/8

This amazing photograph titled 'Fog Distortion Variation One' is part of the series 'Travel Distortion - Fog'
Valentina creates ethereal-like photographs that capture the landscape in all its glory.

Travel distortions – Fog is the start of a travel series based on the expectations of what we think we know, what we encounter and how it affects our understanding of the ‘holiday’. This work continues on from previous work on the flaneur and approaches travel photography in a different light while singling out a specific event that changed the course of the holiday snap and questions if these experiences make the holiday any less valuable.

Unframed, 1/8 prints. A wonderful feature photograph to grace your walls!

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Valentina Schulte

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