Valentina Schulte - Nephological Study

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Nephological-study - valentina schulte - art pharmacy.jpg

Valentina Schulte - Nephological Study

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Limited Edition C-Type Photograph on metallic gloss
40cm x 40cm (Unframed)
1st Edition Framed Face mounted on 3mm Perspex. All prints come with white border.

In the same way that all living creatures are different, our home planet Earth has many characteristic qualities which make it individual and unique. These elements of the natural world we evolved alongside for millennia, such as stone, wood and moss coexist with concrete, ceramic and metal; the results of humanity’s eventual technological advancement. These many and often juxtaposed elements continuously surround us to form our past, present and future; They are the interwoven tapestry that makes our environment the diverse, complicated and tactile wonder that it is. As an ever growing percentage of humanity enjoys international travel, collectively venturing further at an ever increasing frequency, in the minds of many, the Earth’s ‘vastness’ is shrinking. The growing social expectation for the traveler to continually venture further and more often, to ‘collect’ a list of destinations and experiences for their own sake, has taken focus away from appreciating the details of what is there to be observed.

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