Valentina Schulte - That Climb


Valentina Schulte - That Climb


C-type photograph, unframed

110cm x 77cm

'That Climb' is part of the series 'Phantom Detection'.

Valentina captures an intriguing scene mixing reality and mysterious forms of forest creatures that lurk among the branches. This photographic artwork has an uncanny narrative element provoking a sense of wonder and surprise.

This work is inspired by the Japanese culture and belief in the 'Kami' or 'spirit' that resides in all elements of nature. Phantom Detection celebrates the idea that the kami can be watched in their natural environment similar to a nature documentary. Valentina explores the perspective of watching the kami in acts of their everyday happenings seemingly unaware of human presence and detection.

Unframed. 2/8 prints.
A wonderful feature photograph to grace your home, office, or studio walls!

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Valentina Schulte

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